For DIGI users only. RM4/Week *T&C Apply


Join Ace Starfield in saving the galaxy in this on-rails high-speed shooting game where are the rider of a lightning fast futuristic attack bike speeding down a winding futuristic highway filled with hazards, enemies and bosses that the you must avoid and defeat to score big and win!

Speed through 4 vibrant galactic landscapes in search of Star Sign piece

Take down over 10 varieties of vicious enemy machines standing in your way

Perform specific air stunt at specific moments to earn extra points

Face off 3 bosses and Lord Darkstar ultimately to return Star Sign to its rightful place, restoring balance of the galaxy

Immerse yourself in this high pace action game on a cool CyberCycle

Play Lucky Chest for a chance to get a free prize

Which one will be your choice? Click to open Lucky Chest daily & you might get a free prize

RM100,000 Worth of Prizes Up For Grabs!

Join Gamestrike & play Space Rider for a chance to grab these attractive prizes!